Whether you’re just starting out in the home loan business or looking to grow, insight from top-producing mortgage bankers is worthwhile. Three Sente employees discuss their experiences, offer career advice and share tips for success.

Bring positivity and passion. Regional manager Greg Burkett is passionate about his work. “I want every borrower to walk away and say, ‘That was a great experience.’” Founder and lead mortgage banker for The Carroll Team, Kristin Carroll says, “I bring my good mood. I’m cognizant of my coworkers’ feelings and always make sure to show them my appreciation.”

Don’t let setbacks slow you down. Darryl Crawford, a regional manager with 20 years of experience, recalls that he was often discouraged in the beginning. Looking back he says, “My early-day activity ended up bringing all of my future business. Had I realized this at the time, I would have tripled my efforts.”

Collaboration is essential. Carroll wishes she’d started out with stronger leadership skills and managed her group more effectively. But she enjoyed the best year of her career in 2016. She explains, “You can be good by yourself, but you can’t be great without a team.”

Maintain work-life balance. In today’s ever-connected world, Burkett makes sure he enjoys his downtime. “It’s a choice,” he asserts, and it’s one he’s made throughout his career. He hunts, plays golf and prioritizes family time when he can. Crawford, too, values leisure: “Take a vacation, even if it’s in your own backyard. Do something you love every week.”

Be selective. Why Sente? Burkett’s passion for the company’s culture is evident: “We’re like family.” Carroll especially appreciates the core values. She points out, “Ours are unique from the standpoint that we, the employees, came up with them. I don’t know of any other company that has set values based on everyone’s input.”

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