Hmmm, successful loan officer secrets? Makes me think of this photo. Honestly, I love this pic. Yeah, that’s why I posted it. When the thought about writing this post, the title came to mind, “Successful Loan Officer Secrets” and I began smiling. Immediately, this photo popped into my head. Definitely, I had to use it. And, he looks like the cat that ate the canary.

In retrospect, in my years as a loan officer, I always wanted to that successful loan officer. It was my dream. But how? What are the successful loan officer secrets? Good question. All in all, that’s why I wrote this post. Verily, my loan officer coaching will help you win and change your life – overall – for the better

Be A Successful Loan Officer: How to Be the Best Loan Officer

To put it bluntly, I’ve worked for some of the worst loan officers on the planet. For sure, I’m not going to focus, mention their names on here or complain about my experiences. Point blank, it’s not my style. Truly, I can tell you, treating people with respect is key. When you care… it changes everything.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Theodore Roosevelt

To be sure, I love that saying. Indeed, it’s one of the most memorable aphorism I’ve ever encountered in my life. The fact is people are important. You need to show it. Sincerely. Be true. Be real.

On the whole, successful loan officer secrets are about relationships. Moreover, it’s about relationship management. No doubt, that’s the biggest secret of all. But, what?

Ultimately, it takes study. In my opinion, it takes the application of learned skills. Equally important, it takes time. Professionally speaking, the best loan officer is the one who best manages his relationships.

Successful Loan Officer Secrets: Relationships

Again, looking back, I remembered my first job as a loan officer. I worked for business owners who simply were not sales managers. Furthermore, they didn’t teach marketing loan officer strategies. Of course, all of this was pre-Google, pre-information highway. Absolutely, there wasn’t “anything” out there on loan officer lead generation. Literally, nothing.

Reflectively, that is why I am writing this post. I enjoy teaching. From my point of view, marketing strategies for loan officers have to do with doing the basics. Obviously, the concepts on how to be a successful loan officer are NOT about real estate. On the whole, it’s about building relationships. On top of this, it is about establishing relationships. Let’s face it, our universe is built on nothing more than relationship constructs. Too, if you want to be the best loan officer, be a master at establishing and managing successful relationships.

One of the Most Successful Loan Officer Secrets: Learn Relationship Skills

While learning the mortgage industry is important, it’s not everything. Being a loan officer who understands people is the kind of loan officer who matters. Concretely speaking, this section of the post is your loan officer guide to being the best kind of loan officer. Don’t overthink this. Do it. Frankly, it will change your life with all your relationships.

Amazingly, one of the wealthiest kings who ever lived was named Solomon. Furthermore, he left us with his uncommon wisdom – that, I believe, made him super rich. Literally, Solomon was the Rockefeller of his time. Possibly, his wealth totaled, in all, $2 trillion dollars in today’s wealth. Judging by this, I would want to know EVERYTHING he knew. Absolutely, certainly, I would pay top dollar for this understanding – even if it cost me TENS of thousands of dollars. Uniquely, this understanding of Solomon’s Wisdom is key. Yes, these literary works comprise the best of successful loan officer secrets. By any standard, they should be made part of any loan officer training.

Successful Loan Officer Secrets: The Books You Need To Read

  • The Book of Proverbs(written by King Solomon)
  • As A Man Thinketh (by James Allen)
  • How to Master the Art of Selling (by Tom Hopkins)
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People (by Dale Carnegie)
  • Sales Magic (by Kerry Johnson)

The BEST of the BEST Literature EVER Written: Relationships

In my opinion, this literature has dramatically changed my life. By far, this is the best material out there ever written. It deals with the dynamics of relationship management. Indeed, mastering relationships are the sole keys to success. Unapologetically,

they are the secrets of successful loan officers.

Pointedly, as a loan officer, every single transaction you do will be within the framework of a human relationship. As I’ve stated, relationship mastery is the key to unlocking untold sums of wealth. Master relationships. Become insanely rich.

Studying – One of the Top Successful Loan Officer Secrets

Think about it. It’s easy to see, our lives are defined by relationships. Again, this writing is a relationship of words creating sentences, arranged in paragraphs. If it were a book, then chapters. Altogether, all of these words are arranged to present a unified idea: successful loan officer secrets. In totality, our lives, our physical makeup, our speech, where we live, is a myriad of relationships. In sum, our very existence is a massive web of relationships. No, really.

Successful Loan Officer Secrets: Loan Officer Qualities

As mentioned earlier, those books are your loan officer tips to greater wealth. They are. No doubt. Consequently, they should be standard loan officer training. Read them. Learn them. Live them. Make those teachings your life. Whatever you do, don’t wait. In a word, they are critical. Not to mention as equally powerful, living these are key to developing a mortgage referral program. Uniquely, what you learn here is typically NOT taught elsewhere.

Building Strategic Alliances: Mortgage Referral Partners

successful loan officer secrets involve building relationships – passing a business cardI should think, your loan officer career path involves working with people. Being wiser for it, you can dominate as a professional. By all accounts, one of your roles is developing loan officer resources. By this, I mean people as a human resource. As a matter of fact, listen to people and pick up on the best loan officer tips.

By all accounts, friends and family should be your front line on loan officer networking efforts. In a word, all loan officer jobs should include family and friends. If they love you, they will support you. By the same token, if they don’t support you, then maybe you need a change. Likewise, surround yourself with people who care.

Database Mining

In essence, loan officer lead generation techniques should include database mining. Overall, the greatest databases of all are as follows:

Facebook – Ask friends and family if they know someone who is interested in getting a loan. On balance, these are the best loan officer referral sources. Being inquisitive, just ask, “Who do you know who is looking for a loan?” Basically, this should one of the core, most basic loan officer strategies. I believe, as far as marketing strategies for loan officers go, this is one of the most important ones.

To say nothing of loan officer referral marketing, Facebook marketing is the wave of the future. In the long run, Facebook will remain one of the most dominate loan officer referral sources.

Loan Officer Getting Realtor® Business: Successful Loan Officer Secrets

Trust me, I was one. As previously stated, I worked as both a loan officer and real estate agent. As then, my opinions and views on mortgage loan officer marketing ideas are strong. When it comes to mortgage marketing strategies, the most effective mortgage marketing is working through relationships. By and large, the most effective marketing strategies for loan officers is to get people prospecting for you.

Yes, true. Very unfortunately, mortgage email campaigns DO NOT WORK. I’ve tried. Spam is out of control. From my point of view, spam filters are set so strongly introductory emails can’t get through. Crazily, even the most important emails can go into a spam folder. Tough, I know. As far as mortgage marketing tools go, I’d scratch email from the list.

How to Get Mortgage Referrals from Realtors®

successful loan officer secretsHonestly, this is the key. Stated clearly, Realtors® or general real estate agents don’t give damn about marketing strategies for loan products. In their mind, these things are all the same. Loan officers really can’t stay competitive because the industry is homogeneous in scope. Pretty much, everyone has all the same rates and mortgage products. Universally speaking, this is just the general view of agents to start.

In any event, what’s important is the most simple. Being human nature what it is, people have a “What’s in it for me?” attitude. Agreed, all people deserve a reward for working. Yeah, payment. Not to put too fine a point on it, but your loan officer marketing template should be your mindset. “How can I help you?” and “How can I benefit you” is the real question real estate agents want to hear. In the final analysis, they want to know how you plan to help them grow their business. So, how?

Loan Officer Getting Realtor® Business: Masterpiece of Successful Loan Officer Secrets Building An Army of Referral Real Estate Agents with Home Sweet Home

Remember that statement, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”? Well, don’t forget it. As a cornerstone tenant to your new found loan officer vision, you can use it to build an army of agents referring business to you. Here’s how…

One of the former disadvantages of being a loan officer was having to issue a letter of decline. As things go, loan officers just issue the letter saying, “Call me back when you can qualify or have better credit.” Universally, that is the worst loan officer strategy in the world – second to none. Second, the second worse strategy is for the loan officer or real estate agent to work for free fixing credit in hopes of making a commission in the end. I hate working for free. Any business person with good sense does not work for free – especially credit repair.

EXPLODE! Loan Officer Getting Realtor® Business: Building An Army of Agents with Home Sweet Home’s Referral-In-Exchange-for-Advertising Program – The Fill Your Pipeline Program

Successful loan officer secrets: Home Sweet Home

Today, Home Sweet Home has developed a powerful program called the Home Ownership Program. This program was designed to help first time home buyers qualify for a home loan. Considering all this, all mortgage applications account for approximately 34% of all mortgage loan originations.

Even more so, since the 1960’s there are more renters than ever before in the USA. In light of this development, and considering how underserved the subprime and prime markets are concerning general financial guidance and counseling, Home Sweet Home developed the Home Ownership Program. Even more so, this program addresses matters of credit; lack of credit; credit re-establishment; credit monitoring; id theft mitigation; down payment planning; automatic bill pay to reduce late payments; legal issues; and more.

In like manner, the housing market has radically changed. And, it’s still changing. When all said and done, this represents a monstrous opportunity for prime and subprime borrowers to take advantage of basic financial counseling so they can get into a home with proper home loan financing.

BOOM! Loan Officer Getting Realtor® Business: Building An Army of Agents with Home Sweet Home – Part II Successful Loan Officer Secrets of Being the Best Loan Officer

As a loan officer, when you refer business to Home Sweet Home, we reward your referral marketing efforts with a referral marketing advertising bonus. For every paying referral sent to Home Sweet Home, HSH will reward you with 20% of those installments credited toward a referral advertising campaign.

Then, here’s the best part. You can share your advertising with realtors so they can benefit. If you organize entire offices or companies, you can recruit massive numbers of agents to refer prime and subprime business to you. Home Sweet Home takes both prime and subprime referrals.

No-Cost Advertising Compliments of Home Sweet Home – Just One of Several Successful Loan Officer Secrets

Based on tracking the numbers of each one of the offices (or companies), you can send that paying referral business to Home Sweet Home so we can pay for the advertising for yourself and your agents. Furthermore, with this no-cost advertising, you can track the referral payment numbers per office and then launch a campaign completely dedicated to a particular high-producing real estate company. As one of the most powerful scripts for Realtors®, you can offer whole offices no-cost advertising compliments of Home Sweet Home.

No worries, Realtors® will think of you as the best loan officer just for helping them pay for their advertising to grow their businesses. There can be no question about it. For sure.

Enroll TODAY to start growing your business and make Home Sweet Home one of your mortgage referral partners!

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